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Compounding Services
Compounding pharmacists focus on providing innovative patient care. This may involve compounding a formulation that is free of preservatives and dyes, providing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or preparing a unique delivery system of prescribed medication.  Also known as a problem solver, a compounding pharmacist’s ultimate goal in preparing customized medications is to help the physician or PA, and patient achieve a more positive therapeutic outcome.
Compounding versus Manufacturing

  • Making the formula match the patient’s needs
  • Administer the drug to the sight of action in the most effective dosage form available

  • No specific patient in mind when drug is produced
  • Has prescribers matching patients to the product available
  • Economic considerations limit choices in drug dosages and dosage forms
Compounding Equipment

Compounding Pharmacists use a variety of specialized equipment.  Equipment used includes:

  • Electronic (Digital) Balance
  • Capsule Machine
  • Troche Molds
  • Tube Sealer 
  • Electronic and Electro Mortar and Pestle
  • Ointment Mill
  • Homogenizer
  • Lollipop and Suppository Molds

Safety in the Compounding Lab

Safety and quality are of the utmost importance in compounding.  Precautions are taken in the pharmacy to offer maximal protection for both the compounder and the patients who will receive the compounds.

A Workstation Hood is used to provide maximum protection when compounding. These countertop hoods are designed for manipulating potent powders, such as hormones; mortar and pestle compounding; and encapsulating powders.

Quality and Safety Steps in the Compounding Laboratory

  • Formulas are thoroughly read and discussed prior to compounding.
  • Calculations are double-checked when preparing a formula
  • An electronic balance with a printer attachment is used to confirm proper weighing of chemicals
  • All chemicals used in a formula are triple-checked throughout the compounding process
  • The finished compound is labeled immediately in order to confirm the identity of the compound prior to dispensing
  • Compounds are worked on one at a time to avoid confusion and possible mislabeling of a product
  • Consistency is maintained by adding helpful notes to formulas to assist the pharmacist and his/her staff in the future.
  • Customized log forms are created for compounded products.  Clear identification of final products and patients who received them is important in the case of a recall or complaint.
  • A training program regarding hazard codes and recommended safety equipment for handling bulk chemicals is established.
  • Procedures for cleaning chemical spills are well-known by all members of the pharmacy team.
  • Proper safety clothing, including masks, gloves, lab coats and hair bonnets, are worn when compounding.

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